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EPI Hosts Participatory Numbers Workshop at ISA 2019

To kick of this year’s International

Studies Association annual meeting in Toronto, Canada, Everyday Peace

Indicators convened a group of scholars for a day-long workshop to discuss the

status of the field of participatory numbers. The workshop built on the EPI research agenda of thinking through how the collection, analysis and dissemination of mainly quantitative data can be democratized, made more inclusive, and transform research subjects into research participants. The focus of the discussion was on participatory numbers in relation to peace, conflict and political transitions. Of particular concern were questions related to how to balance scientific validity with participation, the methodologies and ethics of generating

participatory numbers, and how they may augment more orthodox statistics.

Participants shared how participatory numbers have been used in their research, particular approaches to participatory numbers within disciplines, and possibilities for the future of the field. The workshop was an excellent opportunity for Everyday Peace Indicators to learn from an interdisciplinary group of scholars about the strengths, short-comings, and challenges of conducting participatory numbers research. It was also a chance to share the EPI process for generating participatory numbers and key EPI researchers presented their experiences using the EPI process in various contexts including Colombia, Burundi, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. The workshop yielded valuable insights and considerations for EPI-related work, which we look forward to incorporating into our ongoing Everyday Peace Indicators research projects.

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