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Project Mostar, Spaces to Activate and Rejuvenate


This project aims to fundamentally change the narrative about Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) as a ‘divided city’. Everyday Peace Indicators conducted research in seven neighborhoods to identify community priorities around peace and life together.


In partnership with People in Need, Abrašević Youth Centre, Local Democracy Agency Mostar and Nešto Više, this project seeks to improve public space in Mostar through mobilizing citizens and supporting citizen-led initiatives that contribute to shared civic, cultural and economic life of the city. The project also seeks to support citizens and local authorities to effectively use new skills, tools and mechanisms to address priorities in an inclusive, gender-sensitive, participatory and systematic manner.

As part of the project, EPI conducted our innovative, participatory research process to identify community-level indicators and priorities for peace and life together in the city. These indicators and priorities informed a range of cross-community activities that attend to community-identified priorities. Community indicators of peace and life together were further explored through photo stories, which tell a rich and personal tale of everyday life today in Mostar, three decades after war. This research was funded by the UK government.

To see these photo stories and learn more about everyday indicators of peace and life together in Mostar, visit

Here you can read a short report about the findings of EPI’s research in Mostar:

Mostar Live Photostories "Sedam Mostarskih Foto Priča" (Seven Mostar photo stories, in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian) 


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(Pictured from left to right: Inga Kotlo, Abida Pehlić, Julianne Funk, Roger Mac Ginty, Elvir Djuliman, Anja Jerković and Pamina Firchow)

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