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Violent acts are not repeated


Good afternoon son, a pleasure to meet you, I am someone who over time has been forgotten, but in my name I carry suffering itself: Cruz Eladio. Eladio is a common name, but Cruz means suffering. Christ suffered and died on the cross (cruz) and although I have a Spanish gentleman’s surname I don’t count in this life any more. In the end what matters isn’t who I am but why I am here. I am dead, and the violence killed me.

Photographs and text by Brayan Alejandro Londoño Londoño

ALIVE! A word that that can be cried out with such relief by those who are somehow still breathing after such a dreadful war. Today, we cry out with a new cry and it’s not one of anguish, pain and suffering, but the opposite, now our town breathes in happiness, peace and hope.

Photographs and text by Yurani Andrea Muñoz Goéz and Brayan Mauricio Arango Sepúlveda

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