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There is good waste management in Urama


This is the indicator that received the most votes out of the 112 indicators generated by the community of San José de Urama. The photovoice participants chose this indicator as the focus of their group project, as they felt it was both important and urgent.  There is serious problem in Urama with the incorrect disposal and usage of solid waste.  This is endangering the local drainage basins which receive large quantities of bleached contaminant that run down to the municipal water source. On top of this there is a lack of cultural awareness around recycling or productive waste management despite the great efforts of educational institutions and the community is facing years of accumulated environmental damage.

In that mountain of garbage a cockroach arrived and, finding so many friends, she mingled.

The cockroach, the cockroach here if you can walk,

because people on this site don't like to recycle

That the bottles, that the aluminum,

the glass and the tetrapak

and that the rats and that the rats do not come to compete

You sang it right?, don't be complicit in this damage...

(Variation on a folkloric Latin American song about a cockroach)

Photography and text by the Urama Photography Collective

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