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Las Cruces


Las Cruces is the 2nd community in the municipality of Dabeiba in northeastern Antioquia where photovoice workshops took place as part of the Everyday Justice project . EPI selected Dabeiba for its history of armed conflict and the presence of many of Colombia’s main peace and justice institutions. In the mountains surrounding Dabeiba’s urban center is the village of Las Cruces. Unlike its bigger neighbour, San José de Urama, which has more institutional interventions and presence, Las Cruces is a roadside settlement that many tend to pass through rather than visit.


In Las Cruces there is no institutional support or social programs. On the contrary, there isa paramilitary checkpoint of the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces (AGC) that was previously managed by the FARC.In Las Cruces, the photovoice facilitators worked with 17 community members, the majority of whom were women. They selected their preferred indicators of justice and coexistence, developing photo stories over several weeks. They produced17 individual stories and 1as a collective. They exhibited their images on the exteriors of houses and buildings throughout the village.


See more about the workshop and exhibitionprocess in our Cruces project process gallery.

Photo stories of the indicators

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Fotógrafos ​

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