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People treat street animals well


Animals are pure angels on this earth, all they give is love and affection and they are always there for you, protecting you and looking after you. Even though we don’t understand them, in time we learn to interpret what they are saying with their gestures, for example if they are hungry, cold or hot. We learn all of this by living together with them, and it makes us better people. I want us to make people understand that animals are feeling beings who deserve respect, care and lots of love.

Photography and text by Evelin Samara Higuita Gallego

Gufy, the streetdog.

Every time the dark, cold night descends, Gufy is faced with his sad reality, left out in the streets, feeling sad and unprotected, with nowhere to go, without having had a bite to eat all day, without having felt any love, and the only thing that Gufy receives in the streets is disdain. Nobody has empathy for him. They don’t realise that he is only an innocent creature that just needs the attention of an owner, someone to protect him and show him love.

Photography and text by Laura Cristina  Duarte Urrego

Lucas’ Despair

On a dark evening, Lucas the dog sits in a field watching the sunset and thinks, “What will happen to me now that my owner has died?”


Lucas decided to go to the house of his owner’s grandchildren and, on arrival, received a big kick from Juan, the oldest grandchild.  After which he ran to the patio where he was soaked in a bucket of water by Laura, the other grandchild.  Luis, the last grandchild, chose to cuddle him, which made him very happy.  Luis had realised that the dog was Lucas, his grandfather’s dog. When the grandchildren realised that their grandfather had died, they went to collect their inheritance, only to be told by the lawyer that everything had been left to Lucas, the dog belonging to [their grandfather, Mr] Miguel Cifuentes Espinal.  Laura and Juan wanted to kill the dog but Lucas approached Luis, and looked at him with a face full of such happiness, that Luis took him to live with him in a new home. 

Photography and text by Elian Steven Agudelo Manco

We can’t force you to love animals, but you must respect them, as there is no greater cruelty and cowardice than offering them love only to then abandon them.

Photography and text by Yonaider Tuberquia Córdoba

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