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The community with the support of the church and JAC maintain the cemetery


A woman in the late stages of a serious illness was resisting dying to avoid being taken to that neglected place: the cemetery.


The deterioration of the cemetery is a testament to how much the dead are disregarded. Weeds devour the tombs just as our minds eat away at our memories.

Would it not be the right thing for us to come together to maintain it, and honour the memory of the dead by keeping this place of transit to the afterlife beautiful?

Photography and text by The Urama Photography Collective

The cemetery of Urama houses much of the historical memory of the area and is an important place for meeting, remembrance and solemnity, serving as a silent witness to the war. It is for this reason that the photovoice group, made a public call to the entire community of Urama to petition  the Community Action Board and the Church to keep the cemetery in good condition. After documenting the dilapidation in the cemetery, the Urama Photography Collective went onto organize work parties to clear it up.  Over two days more than 80 members of the community worked to clear the weeds and re-paint the tombs.

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